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If your site or online business is somehow related to the UK, then take a look at the .UK domain extension and its variations - .CO.UK for commercial sites, .ME.UK for personal sites and .ORG.UK for non-profit sites. At the moment, registrations at .UK are not possible. The .UK domain variations can be registered for 1-10 years, and, if you have an existing .UK domain, you can quickly transfer it over to Fateback.

Now, with both our web hosting plans, you get a free .UK domain registration or transfer. And since we are an ICANN accredited registrar, all additional .UK registrations and transfers are available to you at the lowest possible price.

To register .UK domain extensions you must be a UK citizen or resident, or register the domain for a company or organization registered in the United Kingdom.

.UK Domain Manageradvanced, web based .UK domain management


Your .CO.UK, .ME.UK or .ORG.UK domain comes with a point-and-click Domain Manager including all the features assigned by the registry. You can change the name servers of your .UK domain anytime you want and also set custom DNS records like CNAME records, A records and MX records, etc. Also, our quick .UK domain management interface allows you to register, transfer and renew multiple .UK domain names at the same time! This will save you lots of time and efforts in taking control of all your domain names from one place.

The .UK Domain Manager also includes an option to create unlimited parked domains and subdomains. And with the domain forwarding tool, you can make URL redirections anytime.

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.UK Domain Registration


Check out the pricing of a .UK domain registration or transfer with a hosting package and of a single .UK registration or transfer. Also, see our multi-year .UK pricing if you want to reserve your domain name for up to 10 years in advance.

TLDs 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.CO.UK Sole $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00 $90.00
.CO.UK + Hosting FREE $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00
.ME.UK Sole $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00 $90.00
.ME.UK + Hosting FREE $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00
.ORG.UK Sole $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00 $90.00
.ORG.UK + Hosting FREE $12.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00 $63.00 $72.00 $81.00