Modestly Priced Web Hosting Plans


Best Hosting PricesWeb hosting is a sort of service that provides web storage space for you to host your site so that it is always visible online. There are plenty of cloud hosting distributors that provide this kind of service and picking the best one for your demands can be difficult.

Selecting your web hosting solutions provider

If you have just started building your site or are intending to build one, investing lots of money in a web hosting account is usually not the first thing you wish to do. Finding an affordable hosting web hosting packages provider should therefore be your goal and, when the search begins, you’ll find out that making a choice is not so easy.

Various types of web hosting

Hosting OptionsThere are several types of web hosting solutions, among them dedicated hosting servers, virtual private web hosting servers, shared web hosting packages and cost-free web hosting plans. The free hosting packages normally involve forced adverts on your web site, so if you want to establish a well-designed, respectable site, that would be a wrong decision. The dedicated and VPS web servers, on the other hand, are usually expensive and are not the first thing that comes to mind. Shared web hosting packages are priced differently, but there are web hosting distributors that provide affordable shared web hosting plans. One such web hosting provider is Fateback. They offer shared hosting servers in the UK, in North America and even in Australia. Their high-quality hosting solutions are offered at quite reasonable prices.

How affordable is the affordable web hosting solution?

Affordable HostingBased on the system resources that you will need for your website, there are various hosting packages you can pick from. Fateback offers 4 affordable web hosting packages with many features. The best of all is not only that you can get the cheapest package and then upgrade at any particular time to any of the other packages, but also that you can pick between monthly and annual payment options.

A user-friendly, comprehensive hosting Control Panel

Different companies offer different kinds of web hosting Control Panels, but the majority of them use 3rd-party software like cPanel or DirectAdmin. Fateback, on the other hand, have their own web hosting Control Panel software entitled Hepsia. The remarkable thing about Hepsia is that it is extremely intuitive and has powerful features. Once inside the Control Panel, you can move around the separate sections effortlessly, and the extraordinary File Manager tool includes features similar to those of your own PC – you right-click a folder to see a list with the operations you can carry out.

Knowledge BaseNot sure what to undertake? The knowledge base is for you!

Fateback also offers a large knowledge database inside the hosting Control Panel that contains answers to lots of enquiries that you might have and that can walk you through accomplishing many tasks, from managing your web site files and emails to configuring your email boxes on your iPad or iPhone. They offer 24x7x365 customer support via their support ticket system integrated into the Control Panel, and have so far never failed to reply to any request or enquiry.