Hepsiaadvanced cloud hosting control panel


The Hepsia Control Panel is the cloud web hosting Control Panel coming with all our shared hosting plans. It’s really user-friendly and comes loaded with free tools and extras. With the ability to manage multiple domains at the same time, the drag ‘n’ drop file upload system and the innovative Email Manager, it’s truly one of the best Control Panels out there. But don’t simply take our word for it – take a look at our video presentation, or check the fully featured online demo.

Domain ManagerDomain Manager

You can now register, transfer and manage multiple domain names & websites from just one place. This is something cPanel has big problems with. Actually, there is no Domain Manager at all in cPanel. With Hepsia, you can set up and manage multiple fully independent websites under a single account. There’s no need to have separate Control Panels (i.e. login locations) for your domains, support tickets and billing transactions.Check out the demo version.

File ManagerFile Manager

With drag ‘n’ drop file uploads enabled, now this is something truly amazing – you no longer need an FTP client to transfer files. Simply select the files on your computer and drag them over to your browser – the upload will start automatically. You will also be able to move files around the File Manager using the in-built drag ‘n’ drop functionality.Check out this demo version to see how it works.

Email ManagerEmail Manager

Hepsia’s Email Manager allows you to forward emails, to create autoresponders with just a click, to finetune email filters and to protect your email accounts against spam messages. You can configure the desktop email client of your choice to access your email accounts or manage them through a webmail client.


More than 500 Unique Features

The Domain Manager, the File Manager and the Email Manager are just some of the tools included in the Hepsia Control Panel. There is a rich selection of free extras coming with the Hepsia Control Panel – a website installer, a web apps installer, a PHP frameworks installer, free templates, a free sitemap generator, etc.There is also a collection of administration and marketing tools, including an .htaccess Generator tool, a PHP Configuration tool, a URL Redirection tool, a Password Protection tool, a Domain Parking & Redirection tool, and many more. Also, the Hepsia Control Panel includes an SSL Certificates section, from where you can order SSLs for your websites.